Kryll Review

Kryll Review


  • $2 monthly per bot
  • For new users a gratifying $7 KRL / month


Website, software, mobile app


  • Robust Trading Strategies Implementation
  • Reasonable and Transparent Pricing Model
  • Accessible on iOS and Android through Mobile App
  • Unlimited Free Backtesting for Strategies
  • Integration with TradingView


  • Absence of a Free Trial Option
  • Costs Incurred for Every Usage by Traders

Customer Service

Email, a community such as Kryll Community, GitHub, Bitcoin Forum, Telegram, and social media

Kryll Review

Kryll stands out by adeptly balancing user accessibility and high performance. Its polished software continuously evolves, addressing any challenges and adapting to the dynamic cryptocurrency market.

The platform is particularly appealing for those new to the crypto world, offering an ecosystem where users can earn rewards. With its user-friendly features and reliance on robust blockchain technology, Kryll is geared towards a diverse user base.

Kryll’s primary focus is on simplifying the trading process for all skill levels, catering to both seasoned traders aiming to profit from digital currencies and beginners exploring trading.

About Kryll

Launched in 2018, Kryll is a cryptocurrency platform specializing in automated trading. It has gained traction in the crypto community for the significant advantages it offers to traders. Its block-like strategy-building structure makes it especially useful for those looking to use trading as a primary income source.

Kryll allows anyone to easily develop and backtest trading strategies. The platform’s potential to revolutionize cryptocurrency trading is significant, and the Kryll team is actively fundraising to further this goal. The project enjoys strong community support and backing from reputable investors.

Who Should Use?

Kryll is an excellent choice for individuals who lack the time for day trading or newcomers eager to explore the cryptocurrency sector. Its user-friendly features make it accessible and practical.

Is Kryll Safe?

Kryll enhances safety by hosting its website on a secure server and advising traders to avoid enabling withdrawal options on exchange APIs. However, the platform does not currently offer two-factor authentication (2FA), a standard security feature in modern trading bots. This lack of 2FA places Kryll a step behind its competitors in terms of security measures.

Kryll Platform & Features

Kryll Demo

This feature is beneficial for traders of all levels, as it allows them to test the viability of their strategies in a live simulation environment before applying them in real-world trading. The demo also includes helpful tips and techniques, making it easier for complete beginners to quickly become proficient.

Drag’n Drop Flowchart

With the Drag’n Drop Editor, traders can create and test numerous strategies without any need for coding knowledge. This tool offers logical operators, market indicators, value triggers, and technical analysis components for building effective strategies. The strategy builder employs connected blocks to define strategy elements like price triggers, candlestick colors and patterns, and technical indicators, embracing the WYSIWYT (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Trade) concept.

Smart Trading

Kryll’s smart trading algorithm incorporates a stop-loss take-profit technique, enabling traders to minimize losses when trading specific coins. A stop-loss order is an order to buy or sell a stock at a predetermined price, allowing traders to set the limits for their potential gains and losses.

Kryll Marketplace

The Kryll Marketplace is perfect for those who wish to explore automated cryptocurrency trading but aren’t ready to jump in fully. It’s an essential resource for traders who prefer using established trading methods. While some traders opt for pre-designed strategy algorithms, others may choose to create their own strategies.

Kryll Token

Traders are required to use Kryll’s proprietary ERC-20 token, known as KRL token, to fuel the platform’s strategies. KRL can be used to access the Trading Terminal, market bots, and strategy editor on Traders can acquire KRL through cryptocurrency exchanges or by using a credit card.

“The Swap” is a recent addition to Kryll’s mobile features, allowing traders to easily exchange KRL tokens via the mobile app. This feature stands out for its simplicity, cost-free operation, and user-friendly interface.

Ease of Use

While the necessity to purchase KRL tokens for the fee structure might initially seem daunting to new traders, overall, is user-friendly. In case of difficulties, traders can seek assistance from the platform’s comprehensive help section. The interface is notably intuitive and visually appealing, simplifying the trading process for both novice and seasoned traders.

How to Open an Account?

To create an account on, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Click on the “Sign Up” button located in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Create an Account.”
  4. Register to create a free account.
  5. Start automating your trading strategies by connecting your exchanges.

In Conclusion

Established in 2018, Kryll is an automated crypto trading platform that offers advanced Bitcoin robots and crypto trading bots for automated cryptocurrency trading. It serves as an ideal platform for beginner traders or those new to crypto trading, providing a marketplace where professional traders can share their strategies.

Kryll’s interface allows traders to create strategies using powerful tools and test them in a safe environment through sandboxing or backtesting. The Drag’n Drop Builder enables strategy development without any coding knowledge, incorporating elements like price triggers, candlestick patterns, and technical indicators such as Bollinger, MACD, and ICHIMOKU. This feature-rich platform makes Kryll a compelling choice for individuals embarking on their crypto trading journey.

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