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Products and Services Overview

Discover the full power of automated trading with YourRoboTrader’s exceptional programming solutions. Tailored to perfection, our high-performance systems optimize your trading strategy. This is your chance to dominate the market.

Custom Trading Bot Development

Forex Trading Bot Development

  • Maximize your trading potential with tailored Forex bots. No coding required, real-time analysis, and backtesting capabilities.

Crypto Trading Bot Development

  • Stay ahead in the crypto market with customized bots. Benefit from automation, faster execution, and multi-tasking capabilities.

Profitable System for Trader

Crypto Triangular Arbitrage Bot

  • Exploit price discrepancies across exchanges.

Grid Trading Bot

  • Capitalize on market volatility and minimize losses.

Breakout Trading Bot

  • Identify and capture breakout opportunities.

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Discover how our solutions have changed the lives of satisfied traders. Read their testimonials to see how our simple approach has helped them make consistent profits.

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Timely and error-free delivery of your tailored trading system.

Maximize Profits and Efficiency with Our Profitable System and Custom Bot Development

Consistent Profits

A well-designed system for steady gains.

24/7 Trading

Trade around the clock without missing opportunities.

Ease of Use

User-friendly bots for traders of all levels.

Time-Saving Automation

More time for you, less time on trading.

Customized Solution

Tailored to your unique trading strategy.

On-time & Error-Free Systems

Reliable and efficient.


You can think of Robotrader as a program on your computer. You need a trading account with a broker and a Robotrader. You open the trading account in your name with a regulated broker of your choice. There you deposit the desired capital and give the Robotrader the trading authorizations. The system can now trade independently on the stock exchange.

The easiest way to communicate in the first contact is by e-mail. To do this, you can simply fill out the form above. Beyond that, all functions and visual representations are most usefully exchanged via e-mail. From experience we maintain a very direct communication regarding comprehension questions during the implementation. This way has always led to top results so far. For more complicated projects, communication by phone is also helpful.

We can program for any platform you want. For forex, we primarily support the MT4 and MT5 platforms, but we can also develop custom solutions for your specific needs on any exchange or platform. We also provide custom crypto programming. We can configure the bot to run on any exchange you prefer. If you want us to build it for a specific exchange, just let us know!

For our customers, we implement as quickly as possible, we also maintain a very close communication during the development process, so that you always know exactly how far the programming has progressed. The duration is very individual and can take from a few hours to several weeks. The average development time is 48 hours. 

We offer our programming service as a one-time fee, after that there are no more costs from our side. However, if the software is used via an external VPS server instead of the local computer, external server fees may apply, but these are usually a small amount of about 10 euros per month. 

Trading with trading bots is one of the big trends in the last few years. There are many reasons why it can be useful to rely on trading robots instead of manual trading. Some of them are: no manual effort, less emotional burden, more accurate execution, performance test based on the past, simultaneous implementation of multiple strategies possible. 

Tradingbots are basically suitable for anyone who uses a clear trading strategy with fixed rules. The advantages are obvious, time-consuming activities like calculating the risk or observing the market can be fully automated. 

The Expert Advisors are extremely stable and reliable. However, you should still check it from time to time.

There we can distinguish between the short-term and longer-term trading approach. In the short term you should not switch off the computer. Stops and takeprofit limits remain active on the broker’s server even if you use a trading program and switch off the computer. The trading programs are written in such a way that if you turn off the computer or it crashes, when you open the trading platform it will recognize the trade and continue to manage it. If you want to be on the safe side or save power and equipment wear, a VPS server could be useful. This is an external server that is available from about 10 euros per month, on which you can log in at any time and from anywhere. Even with your smartphone.

Here, just as with the implementation time, it depends on the scope and the requirement of the programming. This is very individual. As a rule, the cost of an Expert Advisor is between 299 and 700 euros.

Maximize Profits and Efficiency with our
Profitable System and Custom Bot Development

Consistent Profit

A well-designed system for steady gains

Consistent Profit

A well-designed system for steady gains

Consistent Profit

A well-designed system for steady gains

Consistent Profit

A well-designed system for steady gains

Consistent Profit

A well-designed system for steady gains

Consistent Profit

A well-designed system for steady gains

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