Bitsgap Review

Bitsgap Review


  • Basic – $23/mo.
  • Advanced – $55/mo.
  • PRO – $119/mo.

Supported Exchanges






Customer Service

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  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Cost-Effective Pricing Structure
  • Comprehensive Backtesting Tool
  • Opportunities for Arbitrage Trading


  • Absence of a Mobile Application
  • Lack of Copy Trading Options

Bitsgap Review

Take a comprehensive dive into Bitsgap, a multifunctional platform designed to enhance your cryptocurrency trading experience. This platform offers a suite of tools including automated bots, signals, portfolio management, and opportunities in arbitrage trading.

For those aiming to delve into digital currency trading from the comfort of their home, selecting a platform that delivers a broad array of tools, detailed analytical capabilities, and competitive fees is crucial.

Bitsgap stands out by enabling users to consolidate their exchange activities onto one unified platform. This integration offers numerous advantages, such as the ease of implementing arbitrage strategies and the convenience of utilizing advanced bots to perform simultaneous trades across various exchanges.

This review delves into the intricacies of Bitsgap and its array of trading bots, providing a thorough examination of the company’s offerings.

About Bitsgap

Conceived with the goal of simplifying the process of cryptocurrency trading for all levels of traders, Bitsgap has been a game-changer since its inception in 2017.

The platform has evolved significantly, enhancing its offerings in cryptocurrency trading, portfolio management, and arbitrage. It has grown to become a significant force in the crypto market. Presently, Bitsgap is utilized by approximately 500,000 traders who have created over 3.7 million trading bots, cumulatively contributing to an impressive total trading volume exceeding $300 billion.

Bitsgap distinguishes itself by providing access to over 30 global cryptocurrency exchanges through a singular, streamlined interface. Continuously expanding its reach, the platform ensures users have access to a wide array of assets, without the burden of deposit or withdrawal fees, and free from trading commissions.

Who Should Use Bitsgap?

Bitsgap represents a revolutionary approach to portfolio management and trading across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. Its user-friendly platform and interface make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a comprehensive, all-encompassing crypto bot solution.

Is Bitsgap Safe?

Bitsgap prioritizes the security of its users. If there’s an attempt to access your account from an unfamiliar computer or IP address, you’ll receive an immediate email notification. Additionally, multiple failed login attempts will trigger a temporary suspension of your account and API access to enhance security.

Implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) for both your Bitsgap account and associated email is highly recommended. By doing so, you can be more confident about the protection of your funds and personal information.

Bitsgap Platform & Features

Bitsgap offers a suite of features designed to enhance your trading experience:

Arbitrage: This feature allows traders to capitalize on significant price differences between multiple markets.

Trading Terminal: Provides comprehensive resources for trading across various exchanges, both in spot and futures markets.

Futures Trading Bots: Bitsgap stands out as one of the few platforms that enable the creation of bots for futures trading.

Signals: Stay alert to market anomalies to make well-informed trading decisions.

Portfolio Tracking: Real-time portfolio creation enables traders to effectively monitor their accounts and returns.

Automated Trading Bots: Bitsgap offers pre-configured, machine learning-optimized trading bots for automated trading.

Security: Bitsgap ensures the security of your funds by not storing them on its servers. Instead, users link their exchange accounts using API keys from the exchanges. Bitsgap can’t access users’ funds; it only acts as an intermediary. All API transactions are protected with robust 2048-bit encryption.

Demo: The “Demo” feature in Bitsgap allows users to familiarize themselves with the platform. It provides the opportunity to test various tools and features using demo exchange accounts linked through API connections before engaging in actual trading.

Easy-to-use Automated Trading

Bitsgap introduces three specialized automated bots for user interaction:

  • Grid Bot: Utilize every market fluctuation with this grid bot, which divides your trading activity into multiple grids. It is particularly adept for future trading, setting limit buy and sell orders within predefined price ranges.
  • DCA Bot: The Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) bot strategically acquires assets at different price points over regular intervals, aiming to reduce the overall investment cost.
  • Futures Bot: This bot operates in the futures market, utilizing borrowed funds for trading in exchange for a periodic fee. While it carries more risk, it also holds the potential for higher rewards.

Support for Popular Exchanges

Bitsgap is compatible with 15 renowned exchanges, including giants like Binance, Kraken, and Bitfinex. Offering a selection of over 10,000 crypto trading pairs, it caters to a wide range of investment preferences. The platform’s integration of numerous technical indicators further enhances its utility for traders at various levels of experience. Its user-friendly layout simplifies the trading process for all.

Mobile App

Notably, Bitsgap is accessible exclusively as a web-based platform and does not offer a mobile application at this time.

Ease of Use

Bitsgap positions itself as an innovative solution for trading across multiple exchanges. It empowers users to find the best exchange rates and optimize their portfolios through a centralized website. This central hub consolidates various trading features, providing seamless access with a single login credential.

How to Open an Account?

Opening an account with Bitsgap is a straightforward process. Start by registering with just an email address and a password, which you can create during the signup process. Completing the registration involves confirming your email address.

Alternatively, you have the option to sign in using your Google or Facebook account. To integrate your trading activities, you’ll need to acquire API keys from your cryptocurrency exchange accounts. These API keys are used to authenticate your trade requests on Bitsgap, ensuring a secure and trustworthy method of operation without compromising your financial or personal data.

With Bitsgap, you can easily select an exchange, place orders, initiate bots, or explore arbitrage opportunities.

In Conclusion

Bitsgap stands out as a secure and efficient trading platform, with all transactions being encrypted for added security. Its strengths include an intuitive interface, compatibility with numerous exchanges, and a comprehensive range of trading bots. A notable feature is the platform’s built-in trading algorithm, designed to generate profits with minimal risk exposure.

The platform also offers various market order and exit strategies, allowing you greater control over your trading activities. For beginners, the Advanced plan, featuring the arbitrage function, is particularly beneficial. Successfully executing arbitrage could potentially yield returns exceeding the cost of Bitsgap’s subscription.

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