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Markus Sichler

He has over ten years of experience in the financial industry. YourRoboTrader, a trading bot software company, was founded by the author. He is a full-time trader who is fed up with constantly monitoring market conditions. He tried using market trading bots, but none of them were capable of fully implementing his trading strategy.

Finally, he took the initiative to develop software that can automatically monitor, analyze, and execute.

He collaborated with skilled programmers who have a strong interest in the financial market and have extensive experience in asset management and banking to create an ideal trading bot for him. During the process, he realized that there are many traders out there who, like him, find it difficult to find tools that can help analyze market conditions. With financial industry experience, he founded YourRoboTrader to assist traders in creating custom trading bots that can be tailored to their trading strategy.


By The Author

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