Learn 2 Trade Review

Learn 2 Trade Review


  • 1-Month Subscription: £99 per month for comprehensive access to signals and trading bot functionality.
  • 3-Month Subscription: £67 per month, offering the same access but at a reduced rate.
  • 6-Month Subscription: £58 per month for long-term, cost-effective access.
  • VIP Forex Signals Price Plans: Range from £40 per month to a £399 lifetime subscription.
  • VIP Crypto Signals Price Plans: Similar pricing structure to the Forex signals, accommodating various trader needs.

Supported Exchanges

Focused primarily on Binance and ByBit, ensuring users have access to major platforms for forex and crypto trading.


  • Web: Learn 2 Trade provides a mobile-friendly website, facilitating easy access to signals, bot settings, and educational materials.
  • Mobile: While not explicitly offering apps, the site’s mobile optimization ensures functionality across devices for trading and learning on the go.


A comprehensive suite of resources is available, including tutorials, courses on forex trading, strategies, and in-depth guides on trading instruments. These educational offerings aim to enhance traders’ knowledge and skills effectively.

Customer Service

Live chat, email, and phone support are available, providing multiple avenues for assistance.


  • Provides both forex and crypto signals, covering a broad range of markets.
  • User-friendly interface and educational resources cater to both new and experienced traders.
  • Round-the-clock customer support and comprehensive educational content.


  • The cost may be prohibitive for newcomers to trading.
  • Signals and trading functionality are primarily through Telegram, which might not suit all preferences.

Learn 2 Trade Review

Learn 2 Trade stands as a beacon in the forex and crypto trading community, offering a wide array of trading signals and educational materials to traders across the globe. Established in the UK, Learn 2 Trade has quickly ascended as a premier source for not only trading signals but also as a comprehensive educational hub for those looking to dive into the intricacies of forex and cryptocurrency markets. Their commitment to providing 24/7 auto trade options through their official Telegram channel ensures traders are always in the loop with the latest trading opportunities.

The essence of Learn 2 Trade lies in its dedication to empowering traders with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the volatile waters of forex and crypto trading. Whether it’s through their cutting-edge crypto trading bot or their in-depth trading strategies, Learn 2 Trade aims to demystify the complex world of trading for enthusiasts at all levels.

About Learn 2 Trade

Launched with the mission to elevate the trading experience, Learn 2 Trade brings together the power of technology and market expertise. By leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, alongside the seasoned insights of its trading team, Learn 2 Trade scans the markets to deliver top-notch trading signals and opportunities directly to its community. This synergy of technology and human expertise forms the backbone of Learn 2 Trade’s services, ensuring traders have access to informed and timely trading decisions.

Since its inception in 2019, Learn 2 Trade has been on a relentless path of innovation, continuously refining its services to meet and exceed the evolving needs of the trading community. With a user-friendly interface and a mobile-friendly site, Learn 2 Trade ensures that traders have unrestricted access to the markets, regardless of where they are or what device they’re using.

Who Should Use Learn 2 Trade?

Learn 2 Trade is tailored for anyone looking to make informed trading decisions in the forex and crypto markets. From novices taking their first steps into trading to seasoned traders looking for reliable signals and strategies to enhance their portfolio, Learn 2 Trade offers something for everyone. Their educational resources serve as a solid foundation for beginners, while the precision and reliability of their trading signals provide value to experienced traders seeking to optimize their strategies.

The platform’s flexibility, encompassing both Binance and ByBit exchanges, ensures traders can apply Learn 2 Trade’s insights across a broad spectrum of trading environments. Furthermore, the addition of a free trial and a diverse range of plans and pricing options makes Learn 2 Trade an accessible and adaptable choice for traders of all budgets and experience levels.

Is Learn 2 Trade Safe?

Ensuring the safety and security of its users is a paramount concern for Learn 2 Trade, mirroring its commitment to provide a secure and trustworthy trading environment. With stringent security protocols in place, Learn 2 Trade protects personal data and financial transactions, giving traders the confidence to operate securely. The platform’s use of encrypted communication channels, particularly through its Telegram services, ensures that sensitive information remains protected.

Learn 2 Trade further underscores the importance of security by recommending that users adhere to best practices for digital safety. This includes the suggestion for users to utilize two-factor authentication (2FA) where possible, enhancing the security of their trading operations and personal accounts. These measures position Learn 2 Trade as a reliable and secure platform, focusing on safeguarding the assets and information of its community.

Learn 2 Trade Platform & Features

Learn 2 Trade distinguishes itself with a comprehensive suite of features aimed at catering to the varied needs of both forex and cryptocurrency traders. The platform’s significant offerings are designed to optimize trading efficiency and educational growth.

Forex and Crypto Trading Signals

At the heart of Learn 2 Trade’s offerings are the forex and crypto trading signals. Delivered directly to users via Telegram, these signals provide timely, researched information on market movements, enabling traders to make informed decisions quickly.

Educational Resources

Learn 2 Trade places a strong emphasis on education, offering an extensive collection of resources. This includes detailed courses on forex trading, strategy development, and cryptocurrency insights, catering to both beginners and advanced traders.

Trading Strategies and Analysis

To further aid traders in refining their approaches, Learn 2 Trade provides insights into trading strategies and both fundamental and technical analysis. These tools are invaluable for identifying potential trading opportunities and understanding market dynamics.

Portfolio Management

While Learn 2 Trade focuses heavily on education and signals, it also provides guidance on portfolio management. This helps traders understand how to diversify their investments and manage risk effectively.

Accessibility and Usability

Learn 2 Trade’s platform is designed with user experience in mind. It’s accessible through a mobile-friendly website, ensuring traders can stay informed and react to the market on-the-go.

Support for Major Exchanges

Through its signals and educational content, Learn 2 Trade supports trading activities on major exchanges such as Binance and ByBit, providing traders with the flexibility to apply their learned strategies across various platforms.

Customer Support

Reflecting its commitment to user satisfaction, Learn 2 Trade offers robust customer support through live chat, email, and phone. This ensures users can receive timely assistance and guidance whenever needed.

Ease of Use

Learn 2 Trade is dedicated to ensuring an accessible and user-friendly experience for traders of varying expertise. The platform’s straightforward design and navigation facilitate easy access to its features and resources. Complementing this simplicity are the comprehensive educational resources designed to demystify forex and crypto trading for newcomers while still providing depth for more experienced traders. With detailed guides, tutorials, and an active community for support, Learn 2 Trade encourages a conducive learning and trading atmosphere.


Learn 2 Trade introduces a flexible pricing model tailored to fit different trading needs and preferences:

  • VIP Forex Signals Plans: Starting from £40 for a one-month subscription to £399 for a lifetime access, offering up to 5 daily signals with a success rate of up to 76%.
  • VIP Crypto Signals Plans: Similar to forex signals, with prices ranging from £40 per month to £399 for lifetime access, ensuring up to 5 daily crypto signals.
  • Learn 2 Trade Algo: Pricing for this automated trading solution begins at £58 per month for a six-month subscription, providing up to 40 monthly signals with a 79% success rate.

How to Open an Account?

  1. Visit the official Learn 2 Trade website.
  2. Click on the “Start Your Free Trial” or “Join Now” button.
  3. Fill out the registration form with your email, password, and any required details.
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Submit the form.
  6. Check your email for a verification link from Learn 2 Trade; remember to check the spam folder if necessary.
  7. Click the verification link to activate your account.

In Conclusion

Learn 2 Trade stands as a pivotal resource for both novice and seasoned traders looking to navigate the complex landscapes of forex and cryptocurrency markets. With its comprehensive suite of signals, educational materials, and a user-friendly crypto trading bot, it offers an all-encompassing platform for enhancing trading strategies and making informed decisions. The platform’s commitment to providing high-quality, actionable insights, coupled with its dedication to user security and education, ensures traders are well-equipped to maximize their trading potential. Whether you’re beginning your trading journey or seeking to refine your strategies, Learn 2 Trade offers the tools, guidance, and support necessary to pursue trading success with confidence and clarity.

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