CryptoHopper Review

CryptoHopper Review


  • Pioneer: Free
  • Explorer: $19/Month (Try 7 days for free)
  • Adventurer: $49/Month
  • Hero: $99/Month

Supported Exchanges

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Web, App

Yes –

Customer Service
Email, Live chat


  • Operates as a cloud-based trading bot 24/7.
  • An ideal starting point for beginners in crypto trading bot usage.
  • User-friendly setup process for newcomers.
  • Compatible with numerous cryptocurrency exchanges.


  • Requires additional payment for extra trading signals.
  • Lacks telephone support for customer service.

CryptoHopper Review

cryptohopper review

CryptoHopper stands out in the realm of cryptocurrency trading bots, functioning tirelessly 24 hours a day to execute trades, even when you’re away from your computer. Among the array of trading robots in the market, CryptoHopper has carved out a notable reputation for itself. Its array of features and flexible pricing models, which include a risk-free trial period, make it a compelling choice for automated trading. This review aims to guide you in determining if CryptoHopper aligns with your trading needs.

What is CryptoHopper?

CryptoHopper operates as a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading bot. It employs algorithmic trading strategies based on programmed algorithms and incorporates inputs from external trading signals to make profitable trades. The bot supports a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges including Coinbase, OKEX, KuCoin, Binance, Kraken, and Huobi, among others.

This platform allows the use of both free and paid signals from multiple sources. CryptoHopper is equipped with over 30 trading indicators and more than 90 candlestick patterns. The service, headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is accessible 24/7 and extends its trading capabilities beyond Bitcoin to include over 75 different cryptocurrencies.

Who Should Use CryptoHopper?

If you’re engaged in frequent cryptocurrency trading or seeking more advanced features than what your current trading platform offers, CryptoHopper might be the ideal solution for you. It caters to both beginners and experienced traders, offering an easy way to understand the market. The platform provides tools for analyzing trades, emulating the strategies of successful traders, and connecting with a community passionate about cryptocurrency trading.

Is CryptoHopper Safe?

CryptoHopper enjoys a robust following and significant engagement on social media, indicating a strong community presence. One of the key safety features of trading bots like CryptoHopper is their operation through APIs. This allows them to perform trades on linked exchanges without requiring users to transfer funds into a bot-specific account. To initiate trading, users must provide the bot with API credentials from their chosen exchanges.

In the unlikely event of an account breach, whether through hacking or a data leak, the API-based operation ensures that your funds remain secure, as the bots cannot withdraw cash from your account. CryptoHopper’s team has established connections with some of the leading exchanges in the industry. Additionally, users have the option to enhance their security further by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA).

CryptoHopper Platform & Features

Built-In Trading Strategies

Once you’ve chosen a subscription plan on CryptoHopper, you’re free to tailor your bot according to your preferences. Alternatively, the CryptoHopper marketplace offers algorithms created by other traders for purchase. While many strategies are premium, several free options are also available. The marketplace’s appeal lies in its user reviews, proven track records, and detailed descriptions of each bot’s functionalities – making it an excellent choice for beginners seeking to adopt pre-designed automated strategies. These strategies serve as useful templates, though they do not guarantee financial success. Additionally, users have the liberty to modify these purchased strategies, adapting them to their own trading styles.

Effortless Automated Trading

The core appeal of CryptoHopper and similar bots is their capability to autonomously conduct trades 24/7 through automated trading. Utilizing your inputs, these bots apply selected strategies and settings to execute cryptocurrency purchases and sales. This non-stop operation and simultaneous monitoring of multiple coins allow for swift trade execution, a feat challenging for human traders to match.

Here’s a breakdown of some notable CryptoHopper features, particularly for those intrigued by automated trading:

  • Bullish Market Tactics
    In a bullish market scenario, you can utilize the trailing stop-loss feature. This allows you to set customized stop-losses to safeguard your gains in case of a market downturn. The bot can also automatically secure your trading profits in a reserve account while pursuing price targets.
  • Strategies for a Bearish Market
    During market downturns, you can instruct your bot to instantly close open positions. Short selling commands can be issued if you’re using a supported exchange. In the event of a temporary market dip in a specific cryptocurrency, the bot can also be programmed to perform dollar-cost averaging, buying more coins when prices drop below a certain percentage.
  • Consolidation Market Strategies
    In a sideways or consolidating market, opportunities to make small profits within a narrow range exist. For instance, you might set your bot for quick trades within specific price ranges, such as when Bitcoin fluctuates between $9,600 and $10,600.

Supported Exchanges

CryptoHopper is compatible with 13 major exchanges. Here’s a comprehensive list of exchanges compatible with CryptoHopper:

  • HitBTC
  • OKX
  • BitPanda Pro
  • KuCoin
  • Bitvavo
  • Binance
  • Binance US
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Bittrex
  • Poloniex
  • Bitfinex
  • Huobi
  • Kraken

To utilize CryptoHopper, you’ll need to link it to your chosen exchange account via an API key, obtainable from your exchange account’s settings. While each exchange may have different steps for integration, CryptoHopper provides detailed tutorials for this process. Once linked, CryptoHopper begins executing trades based on your settings and market analysis. Continuous monitoring is advisable to avoid potential losses due to sudden market shifts.

Remember, CryptoHopper is a trading terminal, not an exchange. It provides access to various marketplaces, and you are responsible for both the exchange’s trading fees and any CryptoHopper monthly fees.

Mobile App

Originally designed for desktops, CryptoHopper has expanded its accessibility and user-friendliness to mobile devices, with apps available for both Apple iOS and Android. Key features of the mobile app include:

  • Enhanced security measures, including fingerprint and facial recognition for added safety.
  • Customizable push notifications for real-time updates on triggers, orders, and more.
  • Simple, one-click order placement, maintaining the desktop version’s ease of use.
  • The CryptoHopper app is free to download for both iOS and Android users.

Ease of Use

Cryptohopper is designed for ease of use, welcoming individuals new to cryptocurrencies. If you don’t have an existing exchange account, you can still explore Cryptohopper’s features by setting up a paper trading account. The platform has streamlined the process of creating an automated trading bot. They’ve developed a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, which simplifies the process of programming your own bot from the ground up.

This means you can dive into trading right away, regardless of your coding experience. Simply choose your preferred trading indicators, define buy or sell conditions, and set basic parameters such as trading volumes to get started.

How to Open An Account?

  1. Register by filling out the sign-up form.
  2. Signing up is a breeze – just head to the Cryptohopper website and click “Sign Up” in the upper right corner. Required details include a username, email address, and a strong password. You also have the option to sign up using your Google, Meta, or Apple accounts.
  3. Prepare your bot, known as a “Hopper,” for action. Each bot purchase comes with a complimentary simulator. You’ll receive guidance on setting up your first Hopper upon initial login.
  4. After account creation and first login, click on “Config Wizard” to input your TRADE-ONLY API Keys. It’s important to restrict withdrawal access for any API keys given to Cryptohopper, ensuring it can only perform trading activities on your behalf.

In Conclusion

Cryptohopper is a versatile platform suitable for users with different levels of expertise. Even those without trading experience or knowledge of automated systems can fully utilize Cryptohopper. It’s also an excellent tool for seasoned traders looking to automate their proven trading strategies continuously, 24/7. Thanks to Cryptohopper’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, creating customized automatic trading strategies is straightforward and does not require programming or coding skills.

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